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The Blog at Military Disability Made Easy: August 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The NEW Military Disability Made Easy—A Letter from our COO

Thank you to each of the veterans, service members, professionals, and supporters who have helped Military Disability Made Easy blossom since our launch in 2013! It is because of you that we have become the #1 military disability website in the world. 


As such, YOU have been our motivation over the past months as we’ve worked hard to develop a new Military Disability Made Easy designed to give you even more assistance in obtaining the benefits you deserve. 


Better service from us = better benefits for you!


With the launch of the new Military Disability Made Easy, we are proud to be able to continue offering our in-depth coverage of both the DoD and VA Disability processes for free to ensure that you know what to expect at every turn, the steps you need to take, and how to best prepare yourself for success. Thank you for your service.


But we can now offer you even more! 


With the launch of the new Military Disability Made Easy, I am excited to announce two new features designed to help you maximize your disability.


All-Access Membership. For only $19.95/month ($14.95 during the month of August!), you can unlock these powerful perks:


·      Have a question about your claim, ratings, or benefits? As an All-Access member, you can now submit specific questions about your disability to our team of Military Disability Experts! While this does not include a full case review, document review, or claim/appeal preparation, if you encounter any bumps on your DIY disability journey, we are here to answer any question you may have.

·      Want to know exactly how your conditions are rated? All-Access members can explore the most in-depth coverage of the VASRD in existence. Knowing exactly how your conditions are rated will allow you to take your claim and appeal preparation to the next level. Maximize your disability by expertly tailoring your case and evidence with this valuable information. 

·      Want even more? No problem. All-Access members will also receive Exclusive Monthly Content delivered to their inbox each month AND a 75% discount on all of our Academy courses!


The Academy. Discover what you need to stay firmly on the path to maximizing your benefits! Military disability expertise and life coaching come together in our new motivating courses. 


While our website has all the information you need for disability success, the disability system is still unavoidably vast and complex. 


Through The Academy, we offer specialized courses that present everything you need to know about specific topics in an easy-to-follow streamlined course structure. Each course digs deep into the topics, helping you turn the information into clear action points and empowering you with a solid, manageable game plan. 



As we strive to better meet your needs through the All-Access Membership and The Academy, I thank you for your continued support.  


The many success stories you have shared inspire us to continue to improve our services in order to better meet your needs. 


Our job is not done until every veteran is receiving the benefits they deserve. 


Thanks for using Military Disability Made Easy!


Rebecca Sara,

COO and Co-Founder