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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

RAMP Opt-In Open to All Veterans with Pending Appeals

As promised back in April, the VA has finally released full details on how to opt-in to the RAMP program without having to wait and receive an official invitation.

If you are a veteran with a pending claim that has not yet been added to the BVA's docket, then you can submit the RAMP Opt-In form found on our Appeals Page. Make sure to follow the instructions in the included letter so that your application is complete and correct, including all supporting evidence needed for them to correctly process your claim.

This voluntary opt-in will only be available until February 2019 when the current appeals system will be completely replaced by the new RAMP program as part of the 2017 Appeals Modernization Act.

While there are still stories of veterans being unsatisfied with the new RAMP program, the program overall seems to be fairly successful to date. More than $45 million in retroactive benefits have been awarded and more than 73,000 appeals have been processed through the system (both RAMP and the BVA).

Hopefully this is a good sign for the future.